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Where have all the good job candidates gone?

Unemployment rates remain low (4.7% as of March 2021).  What does this mean for employers looking to hire?  Fewer options when it comes to qualified candidates. 

So what’s an employer to do? - Become an employer of choice.   Read More

Construction Firms Use HRD's Flex Payroll Service

As the construction industry continues to pick up in business, many have turned to HR Dynamics (HRD) to bring back former employees or temporarily bring in new staff. Because the construction companies cannot always predict how long employees will be needed or if the employees should be “hired” for the long term, HRD offers a payroll program that provides total flexibility and can work with as little as one employee.     Read More


Look at the most successful companies in the world today and you will find a common ingredient in their recipe for success, the understanding that their employees are their greatest asset. When companies develop and care for their employees their employees will care for the company and its customers. The result - SUCCESS. So, is there really a correlation between training and developing employees and profitability for the company? Yes, training efforts pay off big through increased productivity, increased performance, increased morale and motivation, and lower turnover.      Read More

Facts on 1099s (Independent Contractors)

The Federal government has publicly stated that the misclassification of employees as independent contractors costs billions in lost tax revenue.

Simply put, both Federal and State governments are cracking down on employers who improperly call what are actually employees, “independent contractors”.     Read More

 Keys to a Successful Job Interview

At HR Dynamics we interview hundreds of candidates each year for jobs with our clients. Unfortunately, we see many people with strong qualifications who interview poorly. What are the keys to good interviewing skills and techniques for a job applicant? Many books have been written on this subject and there are a number of skills to learn and practice. But from our standpoint, two skills stand out above all others.

  1. Thorough knowledge of the hiring company gained from the personal research
  2. Enthusiasm for the position          Read More

Getting Workers' Compensation Insurance

Florida law requires all companies with 4 or more employees to be covered by W/C insurance. For construction companies, the law requires W/C if there are one or more employees. Owners and corporate officers can get an individual exemption from the requirement for W/C by completing the “notice of election to be exempt” form found at... www.myfloridacfo/wc/keycoverage.html.

A company can speak with a local insurance agent about getting a W/C policy; most likely the agent who handles their liability and property insurance. The challenge for small businesses is that most insurance companies do not want to underwrite the risk of an on-the-job injury for the small (in their minds) premium. Increasing medical costs for an injury are not worth the insurer’s risk with a premium of only a few thousand dollars per year.          Read More

Do You Know What Your Employees Want?

If you aren't giving your employees what they want then you run the risk of having higher turnover and lower employee engagement, both of which can cost your company plenty. According to a study by the Labor Relations Institute of New York, when managers were asked what is most important to their employees they selected, in order, the following as what employees most value:                            Read More

Getting A Job Has Very Little To Do With Keeping a Job

As a new employee, you want to shine from Day #1.  You begin to establish a reputation almost immediately, so you want the people you work with and for to describe you as follows:

  •  Dedicated and passionate about your work
  •  A hard worker who is always willing to put forth your best effort
  •  Looks for solutions to problems, doesn't just identify problems                 Read More

Performance Management - The Development of Employees

The potential for an organization’s success in productivity, efficiency, customer service, or innovation relies on the performance of its employees. Directing employee performance is the key responsibility of supervisors and managers!

Employers and employees now expect more involvement, more accountability, and more transparency when it comes to managing performance. Employees have shifted from being passive recipients of an annual performance appraisal to active participants in their development and that of the organization. Supervisors have to take on more of a coaching role than the role of the enforcer that was seen in the past.              Read More


Everyone knows that volunteering can have a positive impact on their community, but have you considered how it can benefit you and your company? Here are some great reasons to volunteer...    Read More

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