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Getting a Job Has Very Little to do With Keeping a Job

As a new employee you want to shine from Day #1.  You begin to establish a reputation almost immediately, so you want the people you work with and for to describe you as follows:

  •  Dedicated and passionate about your work
  •  A hard worker who is always willing to put forth your best effort
  •  Looks for solutions to problems, doesn't just identify problems
  •  Someone who thinks outside the box to come up with practical new ways of accomplishing things
  •  A loyal employee who is concerned with helping others and supporting the goals of the organization
  •  Someone who leads by example
  •  A good person to know and work with

To get this reputation the new employee should focus on key skills like the following...

  •  Going the extra mile for your employer and your customer
  •  Being a great Team Player
  •  Readily adapting to the company culture
  •  Offering ideas and solutions to issues that your "fresh eyes" may uncover (use caution with this one, you don't want to come across as a "know it all")
  •  Valuing the opinion of others
  •  Learning new things, asking questions and taking on new projects
  •  Responding well to constructive feedback
  •  Staying focused on mastering company processes and procedures

written by Donna D'Alfonso

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