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Construction Firms Use HRD's Flex Payroll Service

Written on March 22, 2011 at 6:51 pm, by HRDyn

As the construction industry finally starts to see a pick-up in business, many have turned to HR Dynamics (HRD) to bring back former employees. Because the construction firms cannot predict if the former employees should be “hired” for the long term, HRD’s program provides total flexibility and can work with as little as one employee.

HRD uses its temporary staffing protocol to become the employer of record. This means HRD is responsible for all mandated benefits – unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and payroll taxes. The “worksite” employer (the construction company) maintains control of the employee – hours, pay rate and supervising.

The set-up can be done in one day. The client company puts HRD in touch with the employee. The individual then completes our employee application including W-4 and the I-9 verification. We invoice weekly and payroll checks are available on Fridays; most are direct deposited but can be mailed or picked-up at our office.

The “mark-up” for this service is less than when HRD “recruits” a temporary employee. Because HRD has rates for workers’ comp and unemployment insurance, the cost to the client company is about the same, even when our mark-up is included. And, by the way, this flex-payroll service works for all small businesses, not just construction.

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